a personal career profile form evaluates


What is a personal career profile form?

A personal career profile form is an online assessment which is designed to evaluate an individual’s career objectives, interests, values, personality and job satisfaction. It’s often used by employers to help them make decisions about hiring and staff development.

What does it measure?

The form typically measures:

    • Occupational preferences. What type of positions the individual is interested in.


    • Leadership qualities. How the individual performs in decision-making positions.


    • Motivations. What drives the individual in their professional work.


    • Behavioral traits. How the individual interacts in different situations.


    • Job satisfactions. The individual’s level of satisfaction with their current job.


Why is it important?

The personal career profile form is important because it provides employers with valuable insights into an individual and helps them to make decisions about the best candidate for a job. It can also help employers identify candidates who need more training and development in certain areas. In addition, it can help employers predict how an individual might react to certain job situations and guide them in creating an effective work environment.


The personal career profile form is a valuable tool for employers who are looking to make informed decisions about hiring and staff development. By asking relevant questions and measuring an individual’s preferences, leadership qualities, motivations and behavior, employers can get an accurate understanding of an individual’s career objectives and job satisfaction.

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